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ACE Cinema Midland 20 Feb – March 4
Orana Cinema Albany 6 – 11 March
Orana Cinema Busselton 13 – 18 March
Orana Cinema Geraldton 20 – 23 March

Here are some (of the many congratulatory) comments from our patrons:

Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful opening night’s performance.  The acting was truly superlative and it was hard to remember that there were only three of you on stage, using such a simple set and effective cinema backdrop to entrance every audience member with imagination and emotion. You revealed a truly gorgeous love story as well, Stuart and Jenny, which I’d never considered as central to AFL before, but of course it is!  Jane Fraser, CEO, Fremantle Press


Thank you Jenny, for these comments (above).  Jane’s comments are spot on.  It was an incredible performance.  Thank you all, for the great justice you have given to Nanna & Granddad’s story.  I have been reliving the performance throughout the day. Reflecting on the hard work you have all contributed & continue to do.  Thank you for the back drop of Nanna’s crocket blanket,that did give me goose bumps.  Thank You.  Christine Harling (Grandchild of A B Facey)


Congratulations to everyone involved with “A Fortunate Life” at ACE Cinema, Midland last night.  It was a wonderful production, the 3 actors were absolutely superb with their diction, movement and presentation.  It was absolutely faultless – amazing smooth changing of costumes and characters.  The timing with films, sound effects, and moving items on stage was perfect, and the story of Albert Facey’s life was very well portrayed.  Brian and Penny Burnett


I have not long arrived home from the AMAZING production of “A Fortunate Life”  ……   I am struggling to find the words to describe how I feel, and would like to pass on my… Thanks , Appreciation, Gratitude, and give credit to the incredible performers, support crew, technology gurus,  and of course the writer of this true Australian part of history.

The visual screen bought the audience back to a time and place , and put one right in the moment  – it was great to see the old Perth, and can appreciate the research in finding these old photos.

The story of Albert Facey gave us an appreciation of how labor intense life was , and of course our precious service men who suffered greatly , to give us the life we have now.  And made the Australian character we have a reputation for to this day.

And of course the performers – wow ! What a challenging script to be responsible for !   To change the character  (and the era) so frequently ,  – they didn’t miss a beat.  I cant believe how many times they changed character and costume . You must be SO proud ! .

The venue was perfect  – and wish you well for the country shows , and a safe and successful journey. Sue Benthien 


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