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Cis and Barbiche – international tour!

Our new production Cis and Barbiche has been invited to play at the prestigious York Theatre Royal UK in early July 2014 as part of the festivities surrounding the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in York.

Some of the fabulous feedback from patrons who saw the inaugural performance in Perth, Western Australia on February 1st 2014:

“I absolutely adored this, had a smile on my face and a tear in my eye the
whole time.  There was not a dull moment.
Could it not be considered for the Perth Festival next year?
Jo and Mark were so good and Alinta Carroll amazing – as for Miss
Squeeze-Box – terrific!
Thank you so much for telling us about it – I am spreading the word . . .” Sue Dry

“My wife and I are indebted to you and the cast for such an amazing performance . Good luck with further performances and future productions”  Terry Harvey

“I want to say how much we enjoyed  the play yesterday – acting, presentation,
music  all superb. Thank you so much for presenting it”  Laura Raiter

“Just wanted to express our sincere thanks for the opportunity to see this fabulous play.
The storyline is wonder.  Getting it to this point is amazing.  The delivery of the play by your actors was first class.
How could you not love Cis, understand Babara and not be touched by the whole event.
Thank you again and I do hope that you received assistance to take this play to the greater community of Perth, this needs to be shared.
Loved it”   Susan and Joan Della Franca